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Aluminium Extrusion in Chennai

Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers in Chennai

A comprehensive guide on Aluminium Extrusion

Perhaps, you may be interested to know all about Aluminium Extrusion. You can easily come across several companies undertaking this process and providing their clients with extruded products. One such company that has made a name for itself in the domain of Aluminium Extrusion in Chennai is ‘National Aluminium’.

What is extrusion process?

It is used for the purpose to develop homogeneous cross-section parts. It is rather performed by squeezing materials via an outlet, however, under intense pressure. Aluminium extrusions have become quite popular across the globe this metal is naturally present in abundant. It is also used widely in different applications while providing a wide range of advantages.

aluminum extrusion in chennai

What is offered?

Well-established companies like National Aluminium are considered to be the leading Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers in Chennai. They are known to extrude aluminium products. They offer their clients with extruded aluminium systems, profiles, semi-manufactured and finished products. They search for products to meet customer growing demands and requirements. During the manufacturing process, they give more emphasis on precision, economy, performance and quality.

Although aluminium extrusion is stated to be quite a simple process, it might turn out to be complex if customers demand for extruded products is different. You can come across a variety of extrusion profiles in the market nowadays. People seem to be more interested to derive the very best products available for any given industry. In case, you belong to the automobile industry, you might require aluminium extruded products for your manufacturing process. You will have to search for certain shapes to meet your industry specifications. You may contact the manufacturers who can supply products based on your supply orders. They can also create aluminium extrusion products to match your desired shapes. Such extruded products can be expected to be unique, customized and fabricated depending on desired needs.

What are the advantages offered by Aluminium Extrusion?

One of the most easily available metals on the earth’s surface is aluminium. It is possible to manufacturer different types of parts using this metal of different shapes, thickness and size to meet specific industry requirements. It is also affordable when compared to other metals used for manufacturing purpose. Extrusion process allows deriving benefits from aluminium properties and it expands further. Hence, it can be termed to be quite versatile and several shapes can be manufactured by following a simple process.

However, for the process, high-tech machinery will be necessary. This will allow producing of different shaped products without having to spend a fortune concerning preparation costs. Therefore, the process can be stated to be quite economical. When compared to extrusion die, Roll-forming dies are however, expensive.

The aluminium extruded products that you purchase from the Aluminium Extrusion supplier in Chennai does boast of having longer life. This is when compared to other items manufactured from plastic or steel. Moreover, extrusion should be economically viable and also environment friendly. Although lightweight, it does possess good strength and used for electrical and thermal conductivity. Besides being affordable, it can also termed to be flexible with regards to size and shape. Apart from this it can effortlessly adapt to very high temperatures, thereby being preferred as utensil in the kitchen to boil rice or heat water. It is durable and allows you to use it for several years without having to invest in another one. It is also corrosion resistant. Moreover, the metal can also be recycled once its uses are purpose is served or is no longer usable. Aluminium is considered to be the most used and trusted metal immediately after steel. It is possible to fabricate them to different shapes from sheets, wire, rod, tube, foils and geometric shapes. But if you want to derive the benefits, you have to select the best Aluminum Extrusion dealer in Chennai like National Aluminium.

What makes a good Aluminium Extruder?

With several companies offering Aluminium Extrusion in Chennai, it is quite natural for you to get confused. You need to undertake thorough research to identify the best aluminium extruder to meet your needs. Do not rush with your selection. Rather identify your specific requirements and get to know if the provider is offering the same or not that will match perfectly your industry requirements. Only correct selection will allow you to derive the best supplier in the domain.

It is better to gain some knowledge about Aluminium Extrusion Manufacturers in Chennai and the process involved. Besides being extensively obtainable, this metal can also be recycled repeatedly without the metal having to lose its original form. Hence, the value of aluminium extruded products have been realized in different industries and hence, its growing demand in the global market. It will be wise to select the best Aluminium Extrusion supplier in Chennai like National Aluminium as they are also manufacturers of this product. This way, you can be rest assured of the quality supplied by them, can get your choice of shape required by your industry along with low prices, something other suppliers might not be able to give. With such amazing features offered, you stand to gain a lot and lose nothing in the process.

Buying from the manufacturer directly rather than a middleman does come with its own benefits. Since they are manufacturers and suppliers, you can reduce significantly the time taken to order the desired products and to get delivered right at your doorstep. Thus, you can continue your manufacturing process without having to worry about getting stopped due to lack of resources. This company does boast of having 33+ years of extensive field experience and can ensure timely delivery. They also enjoy favourable testimonials from their existing and past clients. They have managed to retain their dominance as the top Aluminum Extrusion dealer in Chennai since they do not compromise on the quality aspect while offering their products at low rates. You can consult the executives to make sure selecting the most appropriate product to match perfectly your industry requirements. Hence, purchasing quality products from reputed manufacturers is sure to provide you with peace of mind and immense satisfaction.

Aluminium Extrusion: An Overview

Extruded aluminium is rather considered to be a continuous aluminium piece with a cross-section across its length or a constant profile. An aluminium block, referred to as a billet is forced through a small die opening than the billet’s original cross-sectional area to create it. The extrusion process might be cold or hot based on the aluminium alloy type and extrusion procedure used.

Aluminium is lightweight, is corrosion resistant and has high strength. It is soft in pure form with low strength. Therefore, it is alloyed with other elements such as magnesium, copper, silicon and manganese to enhance its mechanical features. Heat treatment can further attain and improve its ductility and balance.


The extrusion process enables creation of products having unique features that are beneficial for both end-user and the manufacturer. The extrusion techno is also used to produce complex cross-sectioned parts and work amazingly with brittle materials that is found to be tough to be formed in other process.

1. Brittle material forming ability: Parts are produced through extrusion without experiencing any wear & tear due to the favourable configuration of the metal for plastic flow. The force that acts upon the billet against die and chamber is what produces high compressive strength.

2. Easy to develop complex cross sections: It is possible to create complex pars having similar cross-section across its length. It involves less operation cost to produce complex parts unlike other forming techniques.

3. Formation of seamless hollow parts: Extruding aluminium helps create hollow profiles through combination of mandrels and dies. Welded seams or mechanical joints are not desired by these profiles that otherwise could create weakness in the product.

4. High dimensional accuracy: Tight tolerances can help produce aluminium extrusions when compared to rolling and casting. With computer numerical simulation, it is possible to model metal flow, thereby predicting extrudate profile and dimensions.

5. Excellent surface finish: Integrating secondary operations can help develop a wide range of finishes. Polishing or buffing the product’s surface can help achieve mirror-type surface. It can also be brushed to derive that matte finish. Besides polishing, it can also be painted, anodized, laminated, electroplated or power-coated.

In what all industries aluminium extrusion is used?

Aluminium alloy is converted into different types of extraordinary products for industrial and consumer markets. Nowadays, aluminium extrusions do have several uses in different sectors like automotive, electronics, bridge decking, mass transit, solar/renewable energy, telecommunications industries, etc.

In what interiors aluminium extrusion is used?

Presently, the major aluminium extrusion consumer market is dominated by the B&C industry followed by the transport & industrial segment. It is used in door & window frame systems, prefabricated structures, exterior cladding, roofing, curtain walling, geodesic domes, space frame systems, bridge decks, canopies, arches, atriums, etc. Construction speed is also enhanced with the usage of aluminium shutters and formwork. You can easily come across an assorted of profiles in today’s market that are customized and fabricated to customer’s specific requirements.


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