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Aluminium Section in Chennai

Aluminium Section Manufacturers in Chennai

Aluminium Section in Chennai: Know the salient features

When extrusion forming is concerned, the most commonly used metal the world over is Aluminium. This metal is said to come with varying combinations of mechanical properties like good workability, low density and high strength. Such qualities are constant at almost all types of temperatures. Besides this, Aluminium Section in Chennai offers other desirable properties like paramagnetism, resistance, electrical conductivity, etc. It tends to widen its application areas.

Aluminium Section in Chennai

Features of Aluminium Section in Chennai to know about

1. Corrosion resistance: This metal is known to have inherent high corrosion resistance when compared to other metals. This particular feature is attributed to its ability to form compact oxide layers on its surface. It is what tends to make aluminium to be quite suitable for various types of outdoor applications. They also do not need any kind of protective coating.

2. High strength to weight ratio: This metal is commonly used because of its high strength, durability and lightweight properties. Moreover, its density is stated to be approximately one-third of that of steel. Aluminium alloys are found to be stronger when compared to steel based on its grade. This is to about factor of five. It is this property that makes aluminium metal to be used widely in automotive applications and aerospace.

3. Thermal conductivity: This metal is said to conduct heat about twice the time of that of brass and approximately four times of steel. Hence, it is used extensively in electrical and electronics components like heat sink applications.

4. Electrical conductivity: Its electrical conductivity is found to be approximately 61% of that of the metal copper. For certain applications, it is the most favoured metal because of its being cheaper and lower density. Low-cost power transmission lines have managed to benefit from this particular aspect.

5. Low temperature toughness: Aluminium when compared to steel is found to retain its toughness even at extremely low temperatures, where other metals suffer from brittle fracture. Aluminium’s mechanical properties are constant across all types of temperatures.

6. Workability & Ductility: It is possible to form Aluminium Section in Chennai at room temperatures. Besides extrusion, they can be created by forging, stamping, drawing and rolling.

7. Non-magnetic: This metal is not ferromagnetic, unlike steel, however, is termed to be paramagnetic. Magnetic charge is not acquired if subjected to powerful magnetic fields. Hence, it is found suitable for electrical and electronic parts and enclosures emitting very high electromagnetic fields. Besides electrical conductivity, it is used for forming electromagnetic field shields.

8. Impact strength & Resilience: Since aluminium metal boasts of natural toughness, it does exhibit high impact strength and resilience. Its parts are designed to absorb sudden shocks or forces while flexing elastically from dynamic loads.

9. Recyclability: It can be recycled effortlessly without losing its desirable properties. Energy essential for aluminium recycling is only around 5 percent of consumed energy to form virgin product.

Exhibiting so many features, it has undoubtedly become the popular choice across the globe. You may consider shopping for Aluminium Section in Chennai with the leading manufacture and suppliers like National Aluminium.


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